About Us

UK China Connection (UKCC) is a service organisation established to create a network of vocational colleges in the UK and China.  We are an affiliated member of the Chinese Association of Colleges which has a membership of over 2000 Chinese colleges. 

UK China Connection  (UKCC) has connections with local, provincial and national Chinese government bodies and through these links we are able to connect city to city, business with business and college with college.  We work throughout the whole of China with a network of Chinese colleges who want to partner with colleges in the UK

We believe that we are positioned in the right place at the right time to help you connect and promote your interests in China.  We specialise in providing the support services to make things happen. 

UK China Connection (UKCC) has a long history of working in China; we are here to connect you and your organisation to the person in China who is interested in your organisation and who can make the decision.

We have offices in the London; Oxford; Beijing; Shanghai; Nanjin; Tianjing; Shenxhen; Xiamen and Hanzhou to create an active network for government, commerce and education.

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UK China Connection is the shortcut to your successful connections with China.

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